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Join us at Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, January 11th from 9am to 2pm.
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Real strategies to take help you grow your business from home

Our speakers have been tasked with bringing the receipts. 

Now what, you say? That's right. This is a no BS conference. 

Speakers invited to this conference are giving you their own personal work from home blueprints- literally, how they got from A to Z. 

The good and the bad. And the costs.

So that you can create your own map to success.

the hustle

We all know success doesn't happen overnight, it only appears to. Learn how much heart & hustle it really takes to become a success story.

the roadmap

You've taken courses, webinars, you listen to the podcasts. But how did they actually arrive at their final work from home destination? Get the real story from our speakers.

the cost

These days everyone seems to have it all...online. But that following, that website, that outfit, that email list all costs moola. Know how much you'll really need to save or make to get the results you want. 

The Deets

time & day

We'll be kicking things off at 9 am on Saturday, January 11th.

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Networking opportunities are baked into this conference experience!  

Erica is the Founder & CEO at Moms Can & Co. and creator of the Work From Home Summit. She's dedicated to empowering women and to the development of training programs & events like this one to help women build their personal wealth.

Neysha is the founder of Precixa, a boutique consulting firm where she provides advisory, coaching, and interim COO services to transform organizations and sustainably impact the bottom line.

LaTrenda is the Founder of LaTrenda Consulting where she uses her diverse talents in coalition-building, project management and strategic planning to create exciting, new programs to help companies & individuals who are ready to make a move.


Also joining us are:

Courtney Brennan

Courtney started her career as a TV Personality & Emmy award winning journalist. Today, she works from home as a social media consultant and you can follow her on Instagram here.

Kate Hansen

Kate is a junior front-end web developer working remotely from home.  She previously worked as a public art project manager in Pittsburgh.

Jacqueline Hartley

Jacqueline recently took the leap apply & land her first remote role as a Business Development Manager for a logistics company. She used to work in supply chain and doesn't miss commuting.

More speakers to be announced! 

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